Our mission

Provide a free, unbiased resource that allows anyone to understand Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology.


The barriers for entry to cryptocurrency are huge. You hear the word “Bitcoin” somewhere, do a Google search, and suddenly you’re hit with words like “cryptographic hashing function” and “Byzantine fault tolerance.”

This is a problem we, the founders of Bitbuddy, experienced too. The four of us were friends and undergraduates at Brown University. We got together one night to discuss cryptocurrency and suddenly realized a lack of clear, engaging, educational content in the crypto-space.

We thought to ourselves, “there must be a better way!”

We created Bitbuddy with the goal of being the resource we wish we’d had when we were learning about cryptocurrency and blockchain.

The more time we spent working on the project, the more we enjoyed drafting content, conversing with new faces about crypto (regardless of their level of knowledge), and meeting people already in the space.

We decided to take time off school and move to Berkeley, CA to work on the project full time, and that’s where we are today!

Meet the Team

We are four undergraduate students from Brown University who are passionate about decentralized technologies. We have been interested (and invested) in various cryptocurrencies since early 2013. 

Maverick Kuhn


Maverick is a “big picture” kind of guy. He’s passionate about philosophy–his major at Brown–virtual reality, and disruptive technologies (particularly blockchain). Mav loves adrenaline sports like snowboarding, wakeboarding, and surfing, and makes beautiful omelettes for the team.

Zack Jordan


Zack believes in making his bed first thing in the morning. He loves collecting skills (sailing is his favorite) and is always game for a novel experience, travel to new places, or a good book. He's majoring in Biology and Entrepreneurship at Brown, and has perfected the art of the fried egg.

Lucas Tesler


Lucas has an intuitive sense of people and feeling. He is a pre-medical student studying English at Brown. Lucas loves the outdoors, he’s been playing the guitar as long as he can remember, and he is in charge of all scrambled egg operations at Bitbuddy.

Jarod Boone


Jarod is a computer engineer who loves solving complex problems and using big words to describe simple concepts. He enjoys playing the cello and has an aversion to the ocean. He is a fan of “out-of-the-box” thinking and makes poached eggs for the company.